Private Consultations

Book a Private Consultation with Our Onsite Holistic Practitioner, Renata Filiaci

Renata has her Masters of Science in Health and Wellness from American College of Healthcare Sciences. Her concentrations are in homeopathy, nutrition, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine. Maintaining homeostasis within the body is her main focus; helping create a balance between mind, body, and soul and all physiological systems through a holistic regimen. 

Upon scheduling a session, Renata obtains current health records through a new client form in which she bases a holistic regimen geared towards your ailments, conditions, and symptoms. Everything is confidential and not shared. She carefully reads over her client's history to determine the safest regimen possible in case prescription medicine is involved. If you choose one session, Renata will create a regimen, which you'll will go over in-depth. If you choose 3 or more sessions, she will designate each session to a specific protocol, which she will go in-depth as well as show exercises and practices related to the given protocol.

Each session is one hour

1 session $25

3 sessions $50 (1 free)

6 sessions $100 (2 free)

25% deposit upon scheduling

Email or call 518.280.4289 to schedule a session